About us

Driving Instruction...Safe drivers are the best drivers

Apple Driving is one of New Zealand's oldest driving schools established in 1973. After working with the company for four years, Ian Smith brought the business over in 1994. It has been managed and staffed by professional NZTA-approved driving instructors for nearly 40 years.We have Instructors in West Auckland and offer a price per hour and discount packages

Friendly Driving Instructors

"After teaching my own seven children to drive," says Ian, "I recognised I have the unlimited patience and enthusiasm needed for this work – and after 24 years, I still get a kick when students pass their exam!"

Tick Points

  • NZTA-qualified, professional driving instructors
  • No time wasted – immediate hands-on driving lessons
  • Automatic dual-controlled cars. We do not offer lessons in your own car
  • 9am to 4pm, six days a week usually. We are not open on Sunday
  • A driving plan to chart your progress
  • Driving lessons from your home in West Auckland
  • Mock tests over the same roads that you will be tested on for both restricted and full driving tests
  • We do rent our cars for the test drives as long as you have had lessons with us and your driving is of a satisfactory standard
  • Instruction on trailer backing for horse floats and boat trailers. (Car and ute size vehicles only.)